If you’ve ever thought of downloading an app from a third-party store; you may want to think again. There are many risks that come with apps from these stores, including the risk of fake apps that are impersonating a legitimate company and can steal your personal information.

Apple® AppStore and Google Play™ are the two biggest official app stores. Each includes native applications — the apps Apple built for its iOS operating system and Google built for Android devices. And both platforms also include third-party apps. Companies such as Investors Community Bank are able to create apps that work on iOS or Android devices, including our mobile banking apps ... ICB Mobile and ICB Business Mobile.

Banks such as ours use these two official app stores for a reason: They follow strict development criteria and vet the applications to ensure they are safe and secure.

Third-party app stores, however, may not apply the same level of scrutiny toward the apps they allow to be listed in their stores. While they may offer some safe applications, there’s also a higher chance they offer dangerous ones. And these are the apps that can infect your mobile device with malicious codes, like ransomware and adware, or impersonate other legitimate apps.

So while some apps may be legitimate through a third-party app store, please know that most banking apps, including ICB’s, are NOT. Our online banking app is only available only through the Apple or Android app stores. If you see ICB Mobile or ICB Business Mobile apps anywhere else, they are fake and should be avoided.

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