Tom Chermak, President of CHER-MAKE Sausage Company in Manitowoc, is a third-generation sausage maker. His grandfather, Emil Chermak, started the business 90 years ago to share his great old-world sausage recipes with the people of Manitowoc.

As the business grew and changed, their banking needs also changed. About five years ago, Tom decided to leave his large, national bank and make the switch to Investors Community Bank. 

“Investors Community Bank understands what we need to be able to take care of our customers,” said Chermak. “When you make a switch to new banking, it can be complicated. They made the transition seamless, as easy as it could be.” 

Watch the video to see how ICB Walks in Tom’s Shoes:

Why work with a local, community bank? 

Business owners like Tom understand that community banks are an integral part of Main Street and an essential financial partner for small businesses. They reinvest local dollars back into the community and help create local jobs. Their relationship banking philosophy is ingrained in how they conduct business, truly walking in their customers’ shoes. 

Community banks are locally owned and operated – meaning they obtain most of their deposits locally, and they make the majority of their business loans to local businesses. Loan decisions are made locally by people who know and understand your business.

Like the national banks, community banks are agile when it comes to using new technology platforms, supporting emerging methods of payments and advocating stricter security standards to protect small-business owners and customers from hackers and other criminals. Investors Community Bank offers a full suite of treasury management tools to help you manage cash flow, payables, receivables and fraud protection.

At a community bank like ICB, you are not just a number but a name and a story. Our local presence allows us to be available quickly and easily with a simple phone call, email or text. We understand that your days are busy and will bring the bank to you if you cannot get to us.  

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Written by Bryan Orth

Bryan is a Cash Management Specialist at Investors Community Bank, helping clients effectively utilize the best tools for their businesses. His well-rounded experience in both personal and business banking makes him a knowledgeable financial products resource eager to provide exceptional customer service.

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