Paycheck Protection Program Origination

*Paycheck Protection Program funding has now been exhausted. We are unable to accept applications.*

As a certified SBA lender, Investors Community Bank is here to support customers through the PPP loan application process. 

This offer is only intended for customers of Investors Community Bank. If you are not an existing customer and would like to apply for PPP, we encourage you to reach out to your primary financial institution.

Please read all information carefully.

PPP Loan Forgiveness Timeline

How to Apply

  1. Gather all necessary paperwork.

  2. Review SBA documentation on how to calculate your maximum loan amount based on entity type.

  3. Click the "submit your PPP application button" below to apply for first or second draw PPP loan.

Contact your business banker or ag banker if you need assistance.

If you have an existing PPP loan which has not yet been forgiven and are looking to increase, please contact your banker.

You will receive a preliminary loan approval based on the information provided. An email confirmation will be provided to you along with specific instructions for next steps.

Two Factor Authentication

In an effort to better protect our customer security, we are now requiring two-factor authentication any time you use our PPP loan application portal. Two-factor authentication is a security process in which users provide two different methods or "factors" to verify themselves when logging into an online account. Click here for more information.

Watch the Borrower Tutorial

FAQ's and Resources

Click here for affiliation rules.

Click here for SBA information on first draw loans.

Click here for SBA information on second draw loans.

Click here for FAQs.

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