Now that we're into our third decade of the millennium, the vast majority of banks offer online banking, and many also offer a mobile banking app. But did you know that the benefits of electronic banking go beyond merely checking your balances and tracking payments? Investors Community Bank provides a variety of digital products and services that allow you to visit the bank 24/7 via your desktop or smartphone. Check out some of the online banking services we offer that can benefit your business.

Business Online Banking

We've recently updated our business online banking system to make the online banking experience even better! ICB Business Online Banking makes your business banking quick and easy. In addition to features you'd expect, like the ability to make transfers, view processed checks, and pay bills online, the new site features a convenient sign-in process and better navigation with fewer clicks. We've enhanced security and account alert options, and updated the ACH Manager for sending electronic payments. If you are an ICB Business Banking Customer and not currently enrolled in online banking, contact your Treasury Management team member.

ICB Business Mobile

Business doesn't stop when you're out of the office, and sometimes critical financial decisions just can't wait until you get back. Our business banking app, ICB Business Mobile, puts the power of financial management and supervision right into your hands. ICB Business Mobile offers intuitive and user-friendly banking services to help you manage your business finances faster and more effectively than ever. No matter where you are, you can use your smartphone to check business account balances, view recent transactions, transfer money between accounts, deposit checks, approve transfers and much more. Learn more about the ICB Business Mobile App.

ACH Manager

The Automated Clearing House (ACH) is an electronic network for financial transactions in the U.S. ACH Origination allows your business to move money from your account at Investors Community Bank to any other financial institution. Each year the ACH Network moves more than 24 billion electronic financial transactions totaling more than $41 trillion. As such, the ACH Network is now one of the largest, safest and most reliable payment systems in the world, creating value and enabling innovation for all participants.

Wire Manager

Quickly generating wire transfers is easy when accessing Wire Manager via Business Online Banking. Take advantage of solutions for both domestic and international wires to streamline your wire processes, allowing you to transfer funds securely across a network of banks and transfer agencies around the world.

Check Positive Pay and ACH Positive Pay

Check Positive Pay is a web-based check verification service that allows you to review exception items before they're paid, and return checks that you determine may be fraudulent. The benefits of check positive pay include:

  • The ability to monitor internal controls and detect check fraud
  • Reduced disbursement risk with timely returns
  • Control over whether checks should be voided, paid or returned 
  • The option to review a list of outstanding checks at the end of each month
  • Reduced administrative time and processing costs

ACH Positive Pay helps you protect your funds, allowing only ACH transactions from the parties you authorize, within the dollar limits you authorize, to post to your account. The advantages of ACH Positive Pay include: 

  • Consistent monitoring of your account for fraud, so you can focus on running your business
  • Easy set-up of an approved company list and parameters
  • An email to review when unauthorized ACH withdrawals occur
  • A choice to pay or return unauthorized ACH withdrawals 

Learn more about Positive Pay.

Soft Tokens

Achieve convenient, high-level security through a strong form of two-factor authentication. Soft Tokens (short for software tokens) authenticate business customers when logging in and conducting transactions. Tokens use a time-based algorithm to generate a one-time password to verify identity. Users are then presented with an encrypted image that is scanned through the mobile app, creating a digital signature. Tokens are secure, easy to use and even more convenient than hard tokens. Learn more about Soft Tokens.


SecureAlerts provides alerts, notifications and events to any device. You can choose from dozens of alerts, and decide how and when information is delivered – giving you full control over all aspects of your account activity. You can choose to receive alerts by text, email, through your mobile banking app or within your online banking message center. Learn more about ICB SecureAlerts.

Digital Wallet

Investors Community Bank now offers quick and easy debit card payment through Google Pay™, Apple Pay®, and Samsung Pay™. With Digital Wallet, your phone carries your debit card, so you don't have to! Just open your cell phone wallet app and follow the instructions to store your card. With Digital Wallet, your debit card is stored in an app on your mobile device through a process called tokenization. 

To protect you and your card information, the card number and personal information are not actually stored on the phone. You only need your card number to set up your digital wallet. Learn more about Digital Wallet.


To learn more about ANY of these products and services, contact your Treasury Management Specialist or the Electronic Banking Department at (920) 645-6191 or email

Written by ICB Business Banking Team

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