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We understand your financial life is complex and likely spread across multiple financial institutions. ICB External Transfers offers an easy, fast and secure online-funds-transfer service that lets you move money between ICB and other financial institutions — no checks, cash deposits or branch visits required.

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External Payments FAQ

How do I sign up for external transfers?

Log into Consumer Online Banking, click on the Transfer tab and then Launch External Transfer. You must sign up for ICB External Transfers in Online Banking before you are able to access this feature with your mobile device.

How long does the signup process take?

Depending on the type of account verification available for your external account(s), the signup process can be immediate or take 1-2 business days.

How do I register an external account?

Under External Transfers in Retail Online, click "Add a New Account." Select the Account Type and then click "Add." The next steps will walk you through adding the account information.

What is an external account?

An external account is one that is held at another financial institution.

Is there a limit to how many external accounts can be added?

Yes, you can only add up to five external accounts.

Why do I have to verify my external accounts?

For security purposes, we must authenticate your ownership of an external account before we allow money to be transferred to or from that account.

How do I verify my external accounts?

There are two ways to register an external account: real-time account verification and trial-deposit verification.

A trial debit and two trial credits are sent the same day as the external account is entered. These memo posts should be available for three days.

How many times can I delete and re-add an account using trial=deposit verification?

You can delete and re-add an account twice using trial-deposit verification. A third time can be requested. Anything more, and it becomes permanently unavailable.

What are the cutoff times?

A cutoff time of midnight CT is imposed for standard transfers on a weekday. A cutoff time of 7 p.m. CT is imposed for next day transfers.

What are the transfer limits?

Service Limits

  • Transaction: $5,000 for inbound or outbound
  • Daily: $5,000 for inbound or outbound
  • Outstanding: $5,000 for inbound or outbound

Standard Transfers

  • Monthly (rolling 30-day period): $10,000 for inbound or outbound
  • Transaction: $2,000 for inbound or outbound
  • Daily: $2,000 for inbound or outbound
  • Outstanding: $2,000 for inbound or outbound

Next-Day Transfers

  • Monthly (rolling 30-day period): $5,000 for inbound or outbound

Is there a minimum transfer limit?

Yes, there is a minimum transfer limit of $10.

How long does an external transfer to complete?

Standard fund transfers are typically completed within 3 business days. Next-day transfers are typically available within 24 hours, depending on how quickly the financial institution updates their accounts after receiving funds transfer information.

Can I edit or cancel a transfer before it's processed?

Yes, you are able to edit or cancel transactions prior to them being released to ACH processing. To do this, click the "Edit" hyperlink next to the transfer and then click "Cancel" to cancel the transaction or "Edit" to edit the transaction and follow the steps to completion.

Are there any types of external accounts I will not be able to set up?

An account that does not allow credit and debit transactions cannot be set up.

Can I register an account I am joint owner on?

Yes, if you are an owner on the account, you can register it.

Can I register an account that I am custodian?

You can register any account in which you are an account owner.

Can DBA accounts be set up in external transfers?

Any account that allows debits and credits can be registered as long as you are an owner on that account.

If I attempt to transfer from an account with insufficient funds, what happens?

If the transfer is processed as a standard transfer, the transaction will be retried by making another debit transaction in the next ACH file. If the second transaction also fails, the source account is suspended.

If the transfer is processed as a next-day transfer, the transaction is not retried. Instead, the source account is automatically suspended.

How can I reactivate a suspended account?

You will be directed to contact Investors Community Bank to identify and resolve the issue causing the account suspension.

What is the difference between PopMoney or Zelle and external account transfers?

PopMoney or Zelle allow you to transfer funds to another individual or company. External account transfers are set up for you to transfer money between accounts you own.

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