He went from working on the farm as a kid to taking the bank public.

Last week, our very own Tim Schneider was featured in the "Stop the Vanilla" Podcast and spoke about how he learned to understand, own and leverage his natural behavioral style to lead most effectively.  

In this podcast episode, you'll learn how:

  • Tim's leadership style helped build his company's culture
  • You can lead based on what's comfortable for your style
  • What techniques you can use to overcome your blind spots
  • CEOs can develop more leaders in their organization

The primary question you, as a leader, need to answer:
How will you lead most effectively based on who you are?

Steve Van Remortel and Tim Schneider discuss the steps on how you can answer this question in Episode 26, "3 Steps to Leading More Effectively with Tim Schneider." 

Listen to the entire episode now!

Written by ICB Business Banking Team

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