Business Loan Application Checklist

Your Business Loan Cheat Sheet

Are you looking to secure financing for your small or medium-sized business transaction?

You’ll make any meeting with your business banker more productive when you’re prepared with the right information. The Business Loan Application Checklist is a free resource meant to help Wisconsin business owners and officers do just that.

This handy overview outlines the documentation you’ll need to provide and the information you’ll be asked to share in order to determine your eligibility for specific loan types.

Did you know that if you’re planning to build, you may need to provide an environmental risk assessment? Or that some loans require you to identify any previous government or municipal financing you’ve secured? These are just a couple of the 27 things we cover in our Business Loan Application Checklist.

When equipped with the right information, both you and your lender can feel more confident taking the next steps. Fill out the form to get your copy of the checklist now!

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