When you think of the word concierge, an image of a five-star hotel in a tropical location might come to mind. But concierge style customer service isn’t just for hotels – it’s a white-glove level of service designed to elicit customer loyalty that can be applied to almost any industry. 

Just like hotel guests view the concierge as a trusted advisor when it comes to making local recommendations for restaurants and sightseeing, bank staff can make recommendations on products and services perfect for each customer’s stage in life.

Here are four ways your business can apply concierge-style customer service:

  • Offer unexpected perks. Unexpected amenities and perks are the quickest way to your customer’s heart. Why? When someone makes us feel noticed and special, we never forget. From special sales to free ice cream, customers appreciate feeling valued. 
  • Anticipate and resolve customer service glitches quickly. Most days, the customer experience unfolds smoothly, but things happen. When they do, jump in quickly to remedy the situation. Customers may forget the details of a customer experience issue, but they will NOT forget how you resolved it. Now’s your chance to shine! 
  • Connect with customers in the way they want to be connected with. Some customers prefer face-to-face interaction, and some conduct the majority of their business online. Meet your customers where they are and strive to make it easy. Offer several options for communication – face-to-face, phone, or even live chat on your website or social media channels. If you do use a phone tree, make it simple to navigate, and always offer an option to connect with a live rep. 
  • Eliminate customer pain points. While concierges are best known for stepping in to fix problems or offer unexpected perks, true concierge service involves removing the pain from an otherwise painful experience. Consider starting a customer experience committee or focus group to walk through each phase of your business to anticipate any customer pain points and put a plan in place to resolve them.

At Investors Community Bank, we are strong believers in a concierge style of customer service.

“Here at Investors, you are not a number,” says JoAnn Rutta, Banking Services Manager at our Stevens Point location. “We’re going to take care of you. We take great interest in how you want to bank, when you want to bank, and we’ll walk in your shoes and make sure you’re in the right situation.” 

Meet JoAnn and learn about ICB’s concierge-style customer service philosophy in the video below.

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