During these uncertain times, with bank lobbies closed and visits to public places discouraged or outright impossible, alternate banking methods like online banking become more useful and necessary than ever. Investors Community Bank has many tools that allow you to visit the bank without entering our lobby – many are available 24/7 via your desktop or smartphone.

No matter your needs during this challenging time, we have a way to help.

If you need to…

Get cash

Cash a check

  • Visit our drive-through*
  • Deposit the check via our ICB Mobile Banking App's mobile deposit feature, then get cash from an ATM or store check-out

Make a deposit

  • Visit our drive-through* or night deposit
  • Deposit the check via our ICB Mobile Banking App's mobile deposit feature
  • Use an ATM with deposit functionality

Get a cashier’s check or money order

Transfer money between ICB accounts

Transfer money between ICB and another financial institution

Open a Rewards+ Checking Account or ICB Consumer Money Market Account

Open/renew/close a Certificate of Deposit

  • Call your nearest ICB Branch - we can get the paperwork started, and any signatures or exchange of funds needed can be done by the drive-through, mail or by appointment

Go cash-free for groceries, take out, gasoline, etc. to avoid the spread of germs via cash handling

Inquire about something not listed here

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