Agricultural Loan Products

At Investors Community Bank, we walk in your shoes. We understand every agricultural business is unique and may require a loan package specific to the needs of you and your business. That’s why we provide personalized service, working with you to find the loan structure that is best suited to make your business successful.

Loan Product Options

  • Operating Lines of Credit - An operating loan can be the lifeline for your farm.  Your operating loan can provide flexibility for your operation whether that be during the planting season, harvest or simply for your regular day to day operating needs.  Our operating line of credits will be customized to you and your business’s needs.  Investors Community Bank offers flexible payment plans, terms, and interest rate flexibility to suit your business specifically.  
  • Capital Lines of Credit - With agricultural backgrounds we understand the need for equipment specific to run your ag production business.  A capital line of credit offers flexibility for business owners to purchase the type of equipment necessary to run their business.  As a line of credit, this loan is revolving and can be re-borrowed on as principal is paid down.   
  • Crop Input Loans - A crop input loan provides capital to purchase your inputs and has flexible payment options that can help you improve cash flow. Special term financing is often available that allows you to take advantage of early season discounts and align crop year.
  • Intermediate/Equipment Loans - Typically seven-year terms, intermediate loans can be used for equipment, cattle or building improvement purchases.  Customized repayment options based on your business needs are available with our intermediate loans at Investors Community Bank.
  • Real Estate Loans - Ag real estate loans are long-term financing which provides funds to purchase land, refinance debt, and for construction/land improvements. Terms, rates and repayment can be tailored to your needs with our long-term real estate loan options.
  • Construction Loans - Whether you are expanding your business with new facilities, or planning a remodel project, Investors Community Bank can assist you with our Construction Loan products.  We work with you every step of the way to ensure your construction project progress is timely and completed as planned.  Our terms and repayment options can be structured with flexibility to meet your business needs.
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