Acquiring a Business eBook

What You Need to Know

Business acquisition is a strategic decision with many potential rewards. But going into the process unprepared can be costly in a number of ways. To help you avoid any pitfalls that could derail the process, we’ve put together an eBook, Primary Considerations When Acquiring a Business, that outlines some of the key steps in the process. These include:

  • What will it cost? (How business valuations are done)
  • How will I get a loan? (How to acquire financing — and to determine which financing is right for you)
  • Whom can I rely on? (How to put together an “acquisition team” of professionals to help guide your decisions)
  • What will my banker ask for? (The documentation you’ll need when meeting with a business banker)
  • Whom should I go to for financing? (The importance of a local business banker)

Acquiring a business isn’t a simple undertaking, but it can be made more efficient when you know what to expect and the options available to you. Arm yourself with good information by downloading this eBook now!

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