Many companies, like Investors Community Bank, understand the importance of supporting your local community. If your business wants to get more involved and help make a difference, here are some different ways you can do that (hint: not all of them involve a monetary donation!):

  1. Volunteer: This is one of the simplest ways to make a difference. Take the day off to volunteer at a local nonprofit and encourage your employees to do the same. Some employers, like ICB, even give each employee paid time off to volunteer in the community! You could help clean up a park, work at a fundraising event, or help build homes at your local Habitat for Humanity. The opportunities (and need) are many!
  2. Sponsor an Event: Sponsor a local event for a cause or organization. This is a great opportunity to show your support for the community publicly, while also gaining some exposure for your business. There are many sports teams, theater productions and community events that rely on sponsorships and donations from local businesses!
  3. Serve on a nonprofit board or committee: Why not donate a portion of your time and talent to a local charity that is aligned with your business or skills? Many nonprofit boards are looking for professionals in the areas of finance, marketing, HR, leadership, etc., who are invaluable in helping cash-strapped agencies run their organization. 
  4. Hold a drive: Help others in needs by holding a drive. Some ideas include a clothing drive, food, or school supplies. You can even get more specific, such as a sock drive or milk drive, both of which we’ve done here at Investors!
  5. Hold your own fundraiser to support a cause: A brat fry is a favorite (and well attended) fundraiser you could hold at your business or a public space, with all proceeds going to your favorite charity. Get creative... hold a bake sale, rummage sale or other event for a local cause. They will appreciate the money and awareness it generates for them.
  6. Create a Scholarship: College is a huge expense for many families. Help a student in your community fund some of these expenses with a scholarship from your business. Consider tying the scholarship to your focus, such as the ag and business scholarships we offer at Investors.
  7. Attend local events: This is the easiest of all and a great way to show support for your community. Whether a festival, parade, golf outing or other fundraiser, just showing up and participating helps both them and you, plus it’s a great way to gain brand exposure for your business, as well as network.

One final tip: doing any or all of these has a side benefit. They provide a great opportunity for you to share what you are doing on social media. Take some photos and tell the story of how you are supporting your community. Be sure to tag the nonprofits, who will appreciate the mention as well.

Learn more about Sandy by watching the video below -- how she serves ICB customers and the community; as well as how she walks in her customers shoes to bring value to their businesses and make a difference.

Written by Sandy Retzki

VP - Senior Business Banking Officer

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